Uncover The Blocks Holding You Back From Living Your Life Fully

What if you had more time, clarity of purpose, improved relationships, less stress, and less overwhelm in your life?  What else would be possible for you? Think about that for a moment. I help my clients get from where they are to what they want.


Most of my clients come to me feeling stuck. They know there is something more for them to BE, but they can’t wrap their arms around how to move from where they are to where they want to get to. Common refrains I hear are: “What’s next for me?”  “I have so much more yet to BE if I could only figure it out.”  “Things are good enough as they are, but I want more.” Isn’t that sort of selfish?”  “I’ve tried so many other things that haven’t worked, how could this be any different?” Old paradigms, beliefs, and ways of being need to shift. If any of this speaks to you then you’ve found yourself in the right place. So much of who you’ve become up until now are unconsciously held beliefs and decisions about yourself that no longer serve you. It’s time to change that and move into your greatest potential.

As a Certified Master NLP Practioner/Coach, Hypnotherapist, and the utilization of Time-Line Therapy ® These and other modalities are the crux of what I use when working with clients to achieve the results they desire.

Krista is incredibly kind & genuine, that makes it very easy to honestly open up and share with her. She provides amazing insight & valuable alternative perspective. Having Krista’s support has improved my life immensely.

Kristine S. - La Crosse WI

Krista was open about the life experiences she has encountered that have helped shape her into the powerful women she is today. She had a knowing capability to identify & help me resolve my struggles & ultimately point me in my right direction.

Pat W. - Loveland CO

My experience with Krista has been nothing short of profound. In our first session, I opened up with a recurring challenge I have faced throughout my life. By the end of the hour, my perspective had shifted in a way it never had before. I am forever altered and feel a freedom I haven’t felt before. So grateful to Krista for her compassionate, skilled guidance. I will continue my healing journey with fresh eyes.

Rebecca Z. - Madison WI

Krista’s calming nature had me hypnotized easily to achieve inner peace and clarity. I’ve tried different therapies in the past and was so amazed at the way Krista was able to guide me through my problems.

Alison P. - Adelaide AU

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