We all have been hypnotized into believing ideas, concepts and “truths” about ourselves and the world in which we live. Even the families we grew up with are where many ideas are instilled upon us. Over the years it’s our friends and the people who are in our circle of influence where our beliefs are influenced and become our reality. Even the government brings ideas in the way things are to be done and what we need to believe in as much as does school or religious systems that we belong to.

You see, you’ve already been hypnotized by many many things.

Working with me in a Hypnotherapy Session is about letting go of the hypnotic trace of that you have bought into as truths that are not serving your greatest good.

Unuseful patterns of thinking  and ways of being  that no longer serve you will  be brought to the surface and let go of in Hypnotherapy Sessions.

Limiting decisions that get you nowhere can be transformed with Hypnotherapy Sessions.

Quitting smoking (or vaping) and losing weight are two other areas that can be worked with as well with amazing results.

If you’re curious about how I can help you overcome whatever it is that is no no longer serving you start with an Intro to Hypnotherapy with a Complimentary Session.

Hypnotherapy Packages Available include:

Quit smoking OR weight loss Preliminary consult is required: