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And how it's possible for you to “Create the Life you Love”

Krista Bleich, Create The Life You Love

You’ve found yourself here because there is just something about my message that is speaking to you.

Reading the line: “Create the Life You Love” seems like something you would most definitely want.

But how does one go about doing that? How does one make that happen?

And, perhaps most importantly, is it possible for you to be able to “Create the Life you Love?”

This is what I know to be true. 

There is a future you that wants to be seen and recognized and noticed by you. And, just as importantly, the world needs to see as well.

It is something that happens as a result of uncovering unconscious conditioning and long-held beliefs that no longer serve you. The “Greater You” is something that already exists within you and you can tap into that Possibility and Potential.

You, too, can be utterly amazed with yourself. This is the premise by which I believe everything can come to you. It can feel like coming home to yourself. It is a place of ease, joy, and fulfillment. In some cases, find yourself unrecognizable to yourself in such a magical way that you never thought possible.

I have lived what I teach and guide and mentor.

We all have our stories as do I.

The tumultuous high school years filled with inadequacy, blooming sexuality,  significant weight gain and self-hatred.

I lived much of my teens and 20’s – 40’s with depression and disparity, always looking for something outside of myself to fill me up, make me whole, make me feel worthy. It was my default setting for decades.

There was a time when I created a thriving business only to get caught up in all the things I thought I needed to do to continually drive that business to “success” which resulted in more burnout and depression.

And then there was a time in my life when I went through bankruptcy and divorce.

I have been to the darkest of places – and I have come full circle.

And through it all – over 5 decades – I’ve dabbled with and participated in some way, shape or form in the self-help movement. I’ve spent countless hours in self-exploration and self-improvement and my share of money on books, seminars and workshops.

It’s been a journey to understanding myself deeper and I loved it. It’s second nature to me. It’s become who I am. I have evolved and changed and grown considerably because of it.

I don’t resemble the person I was 10 years ago, 5 years ago or even a year ago for that matter.

In the midst of this ever-evolving journey, there has been the reality of living in this world. As a woman who has followed societal norms of college, marriage, kids, and business, which also was followed by divorce, bankruptcy, and the ever-present “my too wide hips.” I’ve managed to understand some things about life.

Here’s what I know to be true:

– The Essence of my Life has been the Discovering and Uncovering of Who I Truly Am.

– I hold so much more power within me to Create the Life I Love – more than I ever realized.

– I am the one who has contributed to the frustrations and lack of peace and ease in my life just as much as the external situations I’ve observed have.

– I can attest to the fact that there is undoubtedly a way that I can shortcut the long list and time it took me on my journey and share with you how it can be possible for you too.

At 60, my life in many ways has just begun. I have at least a good ⅓ of my life yet to live. I do not call this a mid-life crisis, but a mid-life transformation.

I am a mother of 4 young-adult children and I nurture the relationships I have with each of them. (Thanks Snapchat) and, they actually call me 😀

I love homemaking – decorating, gardening, painting, and finding eclectic pillows for the couch, or an odd piece of art for the tabletop.

An unorganized cupboard or refrigerator lends me to cringe! My home is my sacred space and I treat it as such.

My most creative outlet is my hand knitting. I have been knitting since I was 5 and it is a hobby that has kept me company when I was alone in my first apartment when I traveled extensively and was in many airport terminals.  I knitted when babies were nursing on my lap, and I knit now when I’m sitting out on the patio enjoying a cup of coffee on an early Sunday morning in the summer.

I love working side by side with clients guiding them in a direction that they may not have otherwise found on their own. The connections and relationships I have built are long-standing.

Even though I have come a far way in my life and have literally “Created the Life I Love” there is always continued expansion and evolution that I am experiencing. This is not a journey that ends. I  am so looking forward to working with you.

Peace, Love, Ease, Grace, and most importantly Joy,  be with you

– Krista